Centrifugal Extractor for solventless?

Howdy ya’lI. I have been skimming F4200 looking for anyone who has had any experience converting or using any type of centrifuge extractor for ice water hash. Has anybody seen any research on this topic? I am looking to use my CUP system from DS and essentially just load it with a smaller material bag, chill the jacket to 34F and load it with a small amount of ice and wash at low RPM’s making sure not to create too much off balance within the vessel because of the weight not being 100% evenly distributed, then drain into a stainless steel vessel that can be fitted with bubble bags on top and with a bottom spout for wastewater. McMaster-Carr
I am aware of the VTS system that they have designed with Frenchy and the main difference being the standard vortex agitation that is used in most hash washing machines on the market vs. the centrifugal force that the CUP uses. I am not looking to purchase one of the units just yet and am going to try this out with the CUP unit for sure, just looking to see if anyone has any experience or input on this topic. Appreciate any responses :v:


not the right tool, but should work reasonably well once you figure out how fast and how long to spin. imo filtration (size selection) is going to be the harder part to optimize.

have you considered an LG washing machine instead?
…larger payload AND it’s designed to agitate, which the CUP is not particularly good at.

certainly not as far from OEM’s intentions as using an espresso machine to make hash.


Washing machines are surprisingly amazing when rigged right


@cyclopath @moveweight I would definitely use a washing machine for myself in a traditional market, but this is going to be in a situation where I’m converting a c1d2 room into a solvent less extraction room in a legal facility without the need to buy a big solvent less unit just yet. If it doesn’t get me optimal results from the cetrifuge run I’m just going to end up using it as a vessel for paddle washing with ice as this is not going to be a big output facility. I appreciate the response guys :+1:

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pull the rotor.

have someone make you a paddle…maybe look to maytag for designs :wink: .

run at LOW speeds (at least at first).


The consumer washing machine wouldn’t be a good recommendation because of all of the hard to clean and sanitize places they would eventually breed mold.

Hand Stir in a food grade trashcan if budget is the limiting factor.

The back-and-forth agitation is what you want and I think that the centrifuge is just spin in one direction

nope. Delta pioneered the “pretend this centrifuge is a washing machine” trick. they absolutely program the silly things to change directions.


I knew they have the solventless one that did that but I didn’t know that the CUP did that. I learned something new today

both were of course based on the washing machines that folks were using at the time. I assume they just swapped the rotor out for a paddle…at least their early version(s)…I remember someone showing me their “better than Delta’s” implementation. he was using a mag coupler on the agitator (so no leaks), and his basket was D shaped. I don’t think Delta’s was at the time.

China copied them, but ended up with “hey, lets try reversing this absolutely MASSIVE rotor every 20 seconds and see if the motor will catch fire” trick.


I’ve used a CUP 15 for this and it worked incredibly well.

Was able to use a chiller on the jacket to maintain precise wash temps and the dual direction centrifuge worked wonderfully at throwing around the work bag. Just drain out the outlet into your bubble bags and voila.


I’ve always wanted to make a reusable ice cube agitation chunk.

Like little blocks made out of PTFE

If you’re able to chill the water and show the jacket the ice is mostly there for abrasion

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How did you perform the kief catching?


Nested bags in a bucket?

damn. I have a cup-15 and no C1D2 room. Looks like it’s going to make some bubble hash.

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Yup! We had a brute trash can with 30 gallon bubble bags! Worked like a charm!

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Or stainless steel cubes for better thermal properties, with hollow cores of different volumes so some sink deeper and some float readily throughout the mix. Have like a high, mid and low buoyancy haha


So glad to find this thread! i’m gonna try this out for sure.
Where do you get the cubes stainless steel cubes? I also have a Delta 15 and a couple chillers just chilling. Want to put everything to use to make some solventless bubble hash is the freeze dryer a must or is there another option for the bubble hash curing?

I’m not sure they actually developed those SS cubes, but I believe if you get those geometric hash-washing bags and are able to program your CUP, you can probably get some decent trichomes out of your cup. Running at lower RPM’s with forward-reverse agitation may work well. Or even just a “start-stop-start-stop” sequence could work.

Only thing is, I’m not sure if the CUP units are user-programmable without contacting Delta customer support.

programmable enough to get the job done. as stated up thread.

they have “agitate”. and adjustable agitate “rpm” and “timing”.

swapping the rotor for a paddle would be my approach, but as @WolfeXtracts reports that is not a necessity.

What was your sop like on this? Was considering giving it a go, curious what rpm/direction change frequency you programmed it to

We did eight minute cycles alternating directions every 30 seconds. Kept the water at about 38-39 degrees F and honestly would recommend using very minimal ice, the counter current is amazing at cleanly shearing the brittle heads.