Ccell Vape Cartridge 0.5ml 1.0ml White Black Ceramic Mouthpiece

Hi guys, I have seen a lot of posts asking about empty vape carts so I decided to offer my help in supplying them. Attached is a picture of my personal favorite, however, I am able to supply any brand and model of vape carts as-well as batteries and other supplies.
These start at $1.6

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Got a heavy metals test to show on them?


One dollar and sixty cents?

Yes a heavy metal test would be awesome to see.

Oh we are selling knock of ccells. I have them for 1.1 each. 1MLS black mouthpiece same as the pic above. Dm me

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Who buys full gram (instead of .8) and knock off carts at the same time.

They can’t make their mind up if they wanna jugg their customer or not lol

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Why only use 30% Ceramic carts when you can use full ceramic cartridges?