Ccell carts in bulk?

i have a few questions. where is the best place to get ccell carts in bulk. im using the ones that you press to seal. i have found 1000 for 1600. didn’t know if there is a better place.

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Hit up @qma
He stocks quite a few cart types.

Jupiter research is where you’re gunna get your real ccells.

It seems however like you’re looking for cheaper CCELL clones. If you’re not worried about vaporizing lead and imitation stainless I would start on dhgate sorting by the amount of sales etc and then reach out directly to the store owners. If you ask nicely maybe they have some “low lead” carts available.


No more stock @ cart farm? Do we need to go directly through @qma?

Damn! Do you think even the cart farm carts have these issues since there potentially knock offs?

Does he even stock stainless carts?

Also I trust on the QA/QC side I’ve never had any concerns when buying hardware from him and I’m sure he would be transparent if he thought there were safety concerns


@Ascent has good c cell twist top duplicates idk if they have press tops

Im setting up a new site

Stay tuned

None of the carts I stock are knock offs. The closest to that is the @QBD420 carts, but those perform better than the bbtank and dont have cotton unlike the bbtank.


How long until launch? Is it possible to get carts before your site is live?

Your press top


Honestly that is an amazing price for legitimate C-Cells. My last order i was paying close to $3.12 per unit for orders about that size.
I can get nock-offs from the local store for $1.75. for just a pack of 100.( But we only use Official C-Cell now and do my customers notice a difference. ]
One customer told me that they don’t get the wick taste from over hitting the pen. With the C-Cell they always get a well saturated hit. Our guess is the pores on the C-Cell are a better at absorbing the oil into the ceramic.

iCannBe My Best Self

i am msging qma, but these are the ones i am looking for.

Are those plastic? I picked up 200 from a member here I thought was glass, nope plastic…

Ikrusher makes what you’re looking for, it’s a little above your range unless you’re cool with acrylic tanks idk if this is a real rep or not


no. they are glass with stainless steel.

What does it say on the bottom of the cart under the silicon cap?

You can get SS/Glass carts from Jupiter and AVD. Either of those will have either CCELL, model info or AVD model info on the rim at the bottom of the cart.

I’m getting mine name brand for right around 1.89 each shipped to me (that’s the cart body and an ez-press cap). I buy them in batches of 10,000 to 100,000 depending on the time of year. So 1000 for 1600 seems like a totally normal price, maybe even on the low side. Does that include shipping and taxes?

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Are these the press and seal carts you use? We also sell Zirconia Ceramic carts, carts with adjustable oil intake valves and top air control carts. Visit our website and take a look. If you like anything send me a message and I can give you a quote.

Actually, on AVD cartridges, we don’t print our “model number” - it is a batch code, as we track each batch produced, in the event that we hear of product failure within a specific batch, we can issue a product recall to any customers who were sold that same batch. This allows us to help our brand partners prevent disaster. While it isn’t a perfect solution, it has helped on one certain occasion where our client avoided losing thousands of dollars in lost oil.

Learn more at:

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Looking for a meager 100 X 1mL carts, shipping from US. I don’t have the time to wait on overseas shipping. Seems to be more of a haggle than the last time I picked some up. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

Hopefully this helps.