CBN H2S Help

Hi All,

I’ve been having trouble with the H2S produced by CBN synthesis via the sulfur method.

I am running the reaction neat with inert nitrogen with a scrubber on the exhaust side followed by a copper sulfate bath. The scrubber has been packed with a few different media including Iron Oxide as well as a media from the oil and gas industry specifically designed for H2S adsorption, yet the smell still persists. Furthermore, the iron oxide clogs up the scrubber pretty quickly.

The reaction is run in an explosion proof fume hood but I would really like to get rid of the H2S more completely as the smell does still emanate into the surrounding area around my building.

Wondering if anyone has experience or tips for this.

Thanks in advanced!

I abandoned the sulfur method long ago because of the harsh rxn conditions and various drawbacks (heat, slow, low conversion, THCs in the product, smelly, poison gas evolution, overall gnarly). I don’t have any tips, but would be happy to provide consulting and insight on safer and higher yielding methodology…


H2S + NaOH → NaSH + H2O

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Please reach out over DM for help with this issue. We have a simple and cheap solution ready for you.


Dm me i can help


Done right, the neutralization of H2S can be done safely and completely and doesn’t really require a fume hood for odor control, but an H2S sensor is good to have around. That and a bunch of cold and dense lye solution.

If you insist on doing the sulfur oxidation, which I don’t necessarily think is a bad idea, I may also be of help, feel free to DM me.

Be safe! Some think this was what killed off the dinosaurs.

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