Cbn-d price inquiry


Does anyone know what the price range for 1 kilo of cbd-n would be?

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Just to confirm, are you referring to “Cannabinodiol (CBND), also known as cannabidinodiol”?

I have been working on its synthesis and purification for awhile now. Feel free to DM me to discuss more.

considering no one’s really making it at the gram/kilogram scale, as far as I can tell, you’d be looking at custom synthesis costs (tens of thousands of dollars, at least). There’s definitely a handful of people trying to make it.


So then if someone had it available by the liter it could be quite the market

Not really , I made it and psychoactivity sucks
This is back in 2020

Sorry, what do you mean by not really made it?

That’s too bad, I had a feeling if it really was 3x potency of d9 it would have been commercialized already

I interpreted this as “Not really, I made it back in 2020 and the psychoactivity sucks”


Well i talked to some people recently and they had pure cbn-d and they said that it is really strong stuff.

I’ve made ~50g mostly for fun, have not tried to market it, but have not ingested any. I have heard mixed reports on its psychoactivity.

I made some chromatographed it out to near purity and smoked it
I even started a tread about it back then search bar is your friend

Hhc was supposedly 10 fold of thc nope not psychoactivity

I read that thread, but didnt see you post anything about you smoking it

Cbd delta 6 is the last one that still intreuges me
But scared to make it since then my road in cannabinoids land ends and pretty lost as what to do next

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Treu took a while deu to nmr readings beeing delayed and it got side tracked in the mean time

And people said hydrogenated CBD was psychoactive too. A lotta people were high on hypeium in 2021 trying to find the next delta 8 and now all that remains is delta 8 and hhc. :laughing: