CBGa and CBDa

What up everyone? We have fresh batches of CBGa crude oil ($350 per kilo) and crumble ($750 per kilo) available. Crumble testing at 70%, and crude testing at 73%. 150 kilos of crude and about 50 kilos of crumble available. Bulk pricing for order 5+ kilos…high quality extracts from Focus lab in Southern Oregon!

FYI- About 50 kilos of CBDa crude available too ($175 per kilo).

0322.1.1-2.1 - CBGa Crude.pdf (970.2 KB)
CBGa Crumble 0222.1.1-2.1.pdf (1021.5 KB)
CBDa Crude 0222.2.1-2.1.pdf (1.0 MB)


Is the crude CBDA an ethanol or butane product?