CBG Seeds for sale

I am looking to purchase CBG with specific strain. If you have CBG seeds for sale, please send me a message.

have you had any luck?

Yes I have. Thank you for responding. Do you sell CBG seeds? If so, I will keep you in my contacts for future requests.


I was asking because I am looking also

What strains are you looking to purchase? I have access to numerous strains. How many seeds are you looking to purchase?

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What cbg can u get?


@The_Lone_Stiller it’s like looking for a unicorn with a walrus tusk. I click these threads expecting to see exactly what every other CBG seed thread has in it…this one is shaping up to not disappoint like the other handful.

Lookout for CBC seed threads in 2020/2021. The circus continues.


I will send private DMs to each person requesting the info. So, no, this isn’t the same Unicorn with walrus tusk thing mentioned. I also will send you CBC seed pricing, if you wish.

The typical MOQ is 10k to 500k with varied prices. Again, I will DM each of you individually.

Why cant you post it here? Hiding something? I don’t trust anybody these damn cbg slingers they all just popped up out of no where just trying to make a buck

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Lol anyone got cbg seeds? Oh wait ive got some just 10k minimum… :clown_face:


i have limited success, mainly some bag seeds from last year run.
Noone have credential to let them handle 2000 to 20000 USD without any guarantee…
Probably i Will Stick to Oregon CBD Seeds, Better waiting March then be scammed… Too Easy to scam people right now, noone have time to check the genetic…

Can you email me on your cbd -CBC -cbd seeds

Also any auto flower ?


Are there any CBG strains that are not hemp?

I’m in an area where I have permit to grow cannabis but I would need to amend with the government which takes a lot of time and money. Just curious if there are CBG seeds from non-hemp cannabis. Even if it’s lower yielding than the hemp counterparts.

Unless you’re bound by some law I’m not aware of, i don’t see what the issue would be.

Most of the hemp genetics being sold as anything other than industrial hemp for fiber are already “cannabis” plants that have had the thc bred out of them.

Fun part is, they are all cannabis. the laws the industry has had to work with made the delineation in terms and breeding goals.

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I have a limited amount of CBG seeds on hand. DM me for pricing and info.

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Hit up @Seed-Guru for CBG seeds. He has COA’s and documentation to back it up. As many LB’s as you may want. :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::innocent:

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I’m in Canada…our rules make sense sometimes and others don’t! LOL

Fair enough

Im in Canada too, @asher pointed you to the correct guy. @Seed-Guru is who you want to talk too.

To elaborate on how to sneak a sunrise past a rooster…

It is cheaper, faster and easier to get a hemp license than a LP or cannabis license in Canada. The Hemp regulations in Canada are kinda messed up tho as Health Canada literally lists the Hemp varieties you can grow & will actually sell these hemp strains to you as starting material.

From my exp most farmers just swap out the seeds at plantation, the inspectors dont know enough to distinguish hemp from cannabis unless you are growing a hemp variety that has a single top flower.

When they come to visit, inspectors are really looking for market diversion and THC content. 99% of the time they will take a sample from an already harvested, dry biomass and ignore live plants so be ready for that. As long as your strain meets the THC content and pesticide rules etc, you should be good.

Its important to know that the inspectors and Health Canada do not have the funding or the time to map strains. If they dont like the strain, you dont know shit, you planted what they gave you.