CBG seeds at reasonable MOQ and seed price

There are quite a few people offering CBG seeds for sale this season, but the MOQ and price per seed is too high for most commercial growers. So, I’m posting to gauge interest in much lower MOQ at higher cost per seed.

For feminized seeds from flower with COA at >15% CBG, I’m considering an MOQ of 100 seeds at $10 per seed, or MOQ of 10 seeds at $20 per seed.

For male/female seeds from flower with COA at >18% CBG, I’m considering an MOQ of 100 seeds at $5 per seed.

Who’s interested? Feel free to DM me!

Additionally, I’m willing to consider taking part in a group purchase which would bring the cost per seed down considerably.


Looking for a small quantity of CBG seeds 300? Btimmel@yahoo.com
Email me COAs and price if possible thank you

You have these seeds on hand?


I know me and @james2pro would be interested

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I’m interested too. The hardest part about being a small farm Is sourcing good genetics in small quantities.

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I’ll take some of the regular and feminized, 100 of each please.
Also interested in splitting my order with someone, if this is still out of ur reach. I just need a couple to play with in my headstash garden next year.


I’d be interested in the feminized 100 seeds

How do we inquire?

Anyone have interest in splitting a reg pack DM me

Hey there! @quitecontrarygardens on insta here. I am absolutely down for the ten pack of feminized. I need more cbg rich genetics for my cancer patients! Trying to shoot for a 1:1:1 FECO.
Please let me know how to tap in. I need these genetics yesterday.


I would be interested in Both Regular & Fem

@sirextractalot I’m new here and can’t figure out how to send a dm. 4200 sent me your way from instagram.


I tried dming him with no results…

I’m going to make another thread but I am trying to group together a bunch of smaller orders to purchase these feminized cbg seeds. They are testing at 17% cbg. The MOQ is 5,000 seeds and $6/seed.

I only need 1,000 seeds for my small farm, so if you guys want to throw down on the order DM me, as soon as I get enough people to meet the 5,000 seed MOQ I will collect money and put the order through.

4,000 seeds to go.


I’d buy a 100 in a sec

I’d get 1000 also :slight_smile:

Great idea! Are they from verygoodhemp?

Very interested . How do I get in contact ?

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I don’t know who they are.

Ain’t communism great? I’m down

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