CBG seed group buy 0.0% THC

This is my first post in this forum. I am looking for people to jointly order the Panakeia strain - it is a variety that has 0% THC and 18% CBG. Although this strain comes from Europe, it is only available in the USA in a minimum of 10,000 seeds, I am interested in 2,000 seeds. The person who can order it must have all the necessary licenses, details on the website:
tesorogenetics com/panakeia-1

Details of the variety:
cbgseeds com

If interested, please provide an email.

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Be cautious of all CBG genetics


If your going with CBG genetics I would definitely go with @seth with Oregon CBD company as they are very reputable.


Thank you for your answers, PANAKEIA seems trustworthy, it was co-founded by the University of Valencia, I talked with them for a long time about this strain, but in Europe it will only be available from 2021 because it is waiting for registration, I am interested in trustworthy strain that do not exceed 0.2% THC because the regulations in my country do not allow higher concentration, thank you BioHemp.THC for Oregon seeds, I know their offer, CBG varieties that they offer do not exceed 0.2% THC, are they able to order less than 5,000 seeds? are only group purchases remaining? I have several cancer patients who are waiting for CBG and in Europe it’s a fledgling topic

Well whoever buys them will have to sign an MTA.

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