Cbg processing

Was wanting to process cbg with cold ethanol wash. After extraction was removing ethanol with root amp turned into thick mud 57%cbg. Any help!11

What kinda filtration did u do after extracting

After extraction we use celite and 10 micron paper

How cold? No secondary winterization?

Not sure if i’m correct here but I’ve had customers complain about really good product that crystallized before it arrived as crude. The comment was “look at this so called winterized garbage, I can clearly see a bunch of plant matter and little particles in there” but it was actually fully crystallized crude. It was black and looked like mud. Sure enough they didn’t winterize and it came out fine on a SPD.

So you may have just done a really good job on extraction and your CBG just crystallized on you. Look up the melting temps, liquify it and run it through a steel screen and you should find any other culprits making it appear muddy or thick. You may see some crystals on the metal screen as you filter it.

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It was washed at -60 Celsius

How was it milled?

Who says it’s 57% cBG?

A cold wash like that, just filtered at10 & 1 micron get me crude at 75% CBDa or almost 80% total cannabinoids on decent biomass.

If the lab only measured the “sauce” then they might return that number on crystallized crude, but no lab worth their salt should have made that mistake.


This is normal. CBG will crystallize very easily at all stages of extraction and work up.

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Here’s some processing pictures. Crystallization at all stages is normal. You might need to adjust your rotovap/FFE operations to keep it fluid enough to get out.

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I’m looking to extract some CBG flower soon (probably with a very coarse mill, -67 ethanol and secondary winterization to start) but I’m scared to run it on my FFE/Rotovap… any tips on set points to avoid crystallization during distillation?

I have no problem evaporating/losing some solvent to the air if it meant a clean transition out of the FFE/Rotovap and into a storage container. I don’t like wasting solvent but in a small trial, I would prefer that to mucking up my equipment (especially the FFE) and just dial it in from there with more trials.