CBG for sale

Bulk CBG Isolate for sale!

Also can do cbd isolate orders and we have a large amount of biomass for sale.



I’d like to talk about pricing with you on the cbg

What can I do for you?

Thanks, Reed

Hello…can you please email @ conscioushealingpdp@gmail.com regarding your cbg. Thank you

I’m looking to order some do you have minimum order quantities and prices? Would I be able to order as little as say 2 ounces or would you need a full kilo order?

Very interested in this, can you email me pricing and info at noblecory@gmail.com please?

Please email me at nick@mettahemp.com for pricing info

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please contact me at semon25@hotmail.com

Also interested in pricing here as well… ryan@cbdwholesalenetworks.com


Has anyone heard anything from these guys lately? Looking to pick up a kg of CBG and get it nano’d at our facility.


Last I heard kilo of CBG isolate was pushing 70k

Got to be a mistake…


We have access to it through a neighboring farm, but they are listing at $35k (ouch) and can be spotty on supply…

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did you get a crystal afterwards? also what is the %CBG via COA?

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Do you still have? I will buy your entire Harvest

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Just for fun…CBG isolate coming out pure


How much for 10kg of CBG isolate?

Do you sell cbg biomass?

$25,000/Kg CBG isolate 99%+

Dude in KY has biomass for 300 a pound…

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Our prices have come down to $18,000/Kg for a single kilogram. With a little room to move on larger orders. DM with serious inquiries

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