CBG Extraction

Anyone have experience or advice with CBG extraction. Best methods solvents. Generally SOP.


Avoid heat as much as you can. It converts to other compounds really easily


Appreciate it. It seems to be a very finicky cannabinoid. And everything needs to Ben done quickly with it

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i wonder what my rosin has become then… Not enough to bother with testing, this was just some squished nug. Any data on the possible compouds created by heat?

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I’ve been working with CBG for a long time. Despite what people fear I have never seen any evidence that CBG converts to other Cannabinoids during normal extraction, distillation and isolation. This is an enzymatic assisted conversion in the plant. I have done hours-long open atmosphere decarb/residual solvent removal and run serial distillations using the same material going as high as 180C (100mTORR) and never seen CBG convert to other Cannabinoids. Without a serious pH shift or something even less common during extraction I wouldn’t worry about converting CBG.

The biggest challenges you’ll face will be its tendency to crystallize at all stages of processing. This can cause issues in a rotovap or FFE among other things.
You may need to make some small tweaks to the recrystallization process if you do that.
Otherwise it’s a very similar process to CBD. If you run it like it’s CBD and keep in mind what I said above, you should have no trouble producing pure CBG. I’m available for consults should you want a more in-person run through.

Also see:


Thank you. This is all extremely helpful. And will keep you in mind :pray:t2:

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so you have never seen cbga convert into cbg or cbd?

Decarboxylation sure, but not converting to other Cannabinoids.

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So in your experience, what’s the best evap temp for CBG at say 100mtorr vac?

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Cold and fast

Extraction of any cannabinoid is that simple


Hi! Any info from your experience on the CBGa crystallization?

CBGa is the acid form of CBG. Through decarboxylation the acid converts to CBG

thanks hempress… Well aware that cbga turns into cbg… was an attempt at sarcasm which clearly wasn’t constructive since you had to take the time to educate me. my bad. Done a good bit of cbg extraction, have done cbga and cbg crystallization, the process isn’t special, always a good idea to stay away from heat if you want acid form.


Happy Tuesday, @mj_martini ! Would you please quantify the “serious pH shift”? I just finished a saline wash on a 200g test batch and forgot that my DI water is reading 6. Regardless of the answer, I’m glad I caught this thread.

Best for this is butane or propane extraction

No it’s not


So we have been fooling around with this…
I observed the sam cristalization problem throughout extraction and crc.

Very easy to hit 75%+ with it somehow…maybe a better affinity in etoh, havent jumped that rabbit hole…

No issues what soever whit byrpoducts of isoemrization even when high temp decarbing probably due to a content of thc bewtween 0.8-1.1%…

So I would say easyer to work with than CBD and a hole hell easyer than thc, so I wouldn’t worry about it if your already skilled with hemp/marijunana biomass extraction…

Cheers go CBG train!

Edit: also cleaning before isolation helped heaps with end yields…

Solventless bubble hash is in that neighborhood, for both cbg and cbd. Thc bubble is much less, apparently the cbg and cbg concentrate more in the trichrome.

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And less in the stalk of the trichome?

Edit: “post pics of the bubble hash please!”