CBG Disty crystallizing

Hey everyone,

I just ran a few hundred lbs of CBG from this years harvest. I got the test back and it says the CBG% is around 65%, yet the stuff crystallizes in less than 5 minutes once its heated up. I have little experience in the CBG side of things, but get consistent yields and potency with CBD. The stuff was cryo etoh extracted at -80, and it was fresh stuff. We then ran it through an SPD and it began to crystallize before the collection flasks could even fill.

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Our input was around 10% cbg homogenized, which is what we normally run in CBD and get the same yields with much better potency.



Wow great feedback. I think you are breaking new ground. Your experiences are a first I would bet so not sure how many other groups are shooting Cryo on CBG. Time will tell. Looking forward to hearing others experience with this precursor.


65% cbg


This is no way sarcastic. Utter joy!

Maybe @Future can chime in on the cbg.

Any pics of it?


im not surprised by it crystallizing. When i pressed some rosin of CBG flower it turned kinda crumble like and opaque on the parchment paper

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This is normal. See my CBG processing pictures. Post.


Curious if Triethyl citrate is the almighty solution to crystallized CBG just like it is for CBD.

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Yep, happens everytime we run cbg bio to distillate

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Our CBG crude crystallizes readily , not surprised distillate does as well

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Anybody need any CBG feed stock / biomass?
We have inventory.