CBG Distillate For Sale!!!

Hey everyone,

We currently have some CBG Distillate in stock. Please see attached COA’s. ND on everything except CBD and CBG.

We have around 10kg ready to go, please dm me for details on pricing/shipping.

CBG COA.PDF (414.1 KB)

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Its great to see new cannabinoids becoming available. Guess this loves to crystalise. Whats are the prices per kg ?

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$21,000 for a single kg.

Yes, this stuff loves to crystallize.

So when isolate is going for 20,000$ how do you justify distillate going for 21,000$? Just curious. Or have you not seen those prices on isolate ?

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I’ve heard of people selling a kg here and there for around that. I’ve seen more in the mid to high 20’s for isolate, never 20k. Can you point me in that direction?