CBG/CBD mix distillate, what's it worth?

COA attached
I don’t have a great feel for what CBG/CBD distillate is selling for and tbh none of the places that are showing pricing trends really break it down well. Curious for those of you who buy and sell distillate with CBG what you think the going rate would be for this?

Very strange, extracted from a mixed bag of biomass? Reminds me of pushing all the buttons on the soda machine to make one big mixed soda. May not be the best idea

I was selling similar formulations; to great effect; I would price based on mg concentrations at the going market rate of the compounds of interest.



love seeing custom formulations; imo makes very nice and effective products.

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As a 35 year old man I’m not ashamed to admit that I still like to mix multiple sodas together, alas, I didn’t supply the biomass, just handled the extraction to crude on it so they could get it turned to distillate. They just sent me the COA and asked what I thought, and I don’t feel well versed enough on current distillate pricing to offer meaningful feedback, thus I’m reaching out to the community for their pricing expertise.

Looking at your COA i would sell for 60% of the price of hot CBG disty which is like maybe 1.5-2k. the CBG market has been uber volatile, seems prices drop every week.


I’ll take one for a stack to try out :slight_smile:

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