CBG Biomass, Fall 2020 Contract

Looking to set up contracts now for CBG biomass to be harvested Fall 2020. Planting hundreds of acres in the next month and would love to have a contract set up with below market price. This variety has consistently produced 11-13% CBG and under 0.15% Total THC. Please DM.

Still millions of lbs of cbg biomass sitting around. Think it through before you go big on cbg.


Do you sell the indoor hemp flower on your site in bulk? And are you really a doctor of justice

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@ZenLion is this descent yielding CBG biomass like OP is claiming, or the same 2-3% garbage that is usually sitting around on the CBD market too?

Even at the lame <$350/kg prices we’ve been seeing for CBD crude it still makes financial sense to extract anything over 7-8%, plus it takes away the possibility of losing yield/potency due to degradation & rodents

10% material

Below what market price?

Fall will be flooded with CBG, and there’s still plenty of material unsold from last yr.


Given what CBG crude, distillate and isolate are fetching, especially compared with comparable CBD products I guess I just don’t see why this material would be sitting. Do you need help getting it from biomass to crude? I’m in CO but would be open to talk options, send me a PM if you’re interested.

Was it wet baled? Asking for a friend

It’s dry, brushed, in super sacks

In a couple months we will be selling the indoor in bulk. Shoot me a DM if you want me to keep you updated. I’m not a Dr. of Justice. Justice is my last name & I’m a Phd. Plant Scientist. :slight_smile:

Hemp benchmarks believes it to be at $8/pt.

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Have you planted yet? We have about 1mm CBD transplants that we’re looking to partner on.