CBDa and CBGa

If anyone is interested in CBDa or CBGa please feel free to reach out to Kifcure @ 630-524-8080 Thanks


Can you post pricing per kilo for single kilos?

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When directly compared to the other two most popular solvents used to extract cannabis—CO2 and hydrocarbon—the ethanol extraction process is generally safer and easier: Ethanol is less explosive and toxic, and therefore largely considered safer to operate than hydrocarbon extraction systems.

We sell both high CBDa crude and CBDa Isolate. We extract using our own solventless CO2 Extraction machines. Then the CBDa is isolated using a patent pending water based extraction method.
It’s 99%+ pure and we have a 20% CBDa water soluble version as well.

what prices?

I’m interested in your cbda iso

Do you have isolate?