CBD vape carts mixtures

What is everyone using for CBD vape cart mixtures? I don’t wanna use PG, PEG, VG, or MCT. Anyone found something that is good to dissolve CBD isolate/crystalline to vape in carts?

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Have you found the various cartridge threads around here?

Search results for 'diluent' - Future4200 picks up most of them.
you might also learn something useful from Search results for 'cart' - Future4200

With CBD, you have the additional problem that it will often crystallize in the cart.

Thank you! I must have been using different search words. None of these came up when I was searching around. This is exactly what I needed!

You’re welcome. 1st one is free :wink:
as is Search results for 'diluent' - Future4200

Diluent is not a word most folks run into, and has long been a favourite of mine. Sounds way better than “cutting agent” in the context of vape carts.

Sounds mildly pejorative when used in the context of preparing an alcoholic beverage: “you want diluent with that?”

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Only cheap bars “cut” their booze! Only the willing experience dilution!