CBD TO CBDA recarboxylation

Is anybody interested in selling or trading a scalable SOP (50L) for CBD to cbda recarboxylation. I have tried MMC. Read about 6 papers on enzymatic/CO2 approach and used the search bar. I have conducted small studies successfully but will take time to scale it. Time I do not have. Money I do. Please help!


Yeah? I’ll tag em sec

@Co2purist is your guy

@sidco there’s a broken edit here, we can’t see the history HMMMMMM


nowadays maybe @eyeworm is your guy.

then I shared this a while ago :open_mouth: after CO2Purist made me dig.

Good luck on your pursuits! When I tried to assist, the price tag was dreaming.

I don’t see many pursuing fun stuff often, so I like to keep tabs.



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but do you have 1 million doll hairs


The fact she’s in Germany, Definitely a great tag.

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I asked Rogue. He was obviously my first choice. Just putting feelers out there.


Well…no tbh honest. If I did I probably wouldn’t be searching for SOPs on an Internet forum freezing my bottom off in Germany but rather somewhere sunny with vodka and orange juice.



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I think RogueLabs may well be your best bet in Europe.

But forget the synthesis…Extract it straight out of the biomass……why are you in such a rush…”Time I do not have”.??

Numerous ways to extract and produce .

Rogue mentioned he had 50gallon containers ready to go with COA’s…if you got money…way to go.

Don’t worry, I don’t have 1M either lol

@onemadalchemist is the guy to get in touch with
@Future can reach him if he is not on the platform anymore

But if thc-a is the aim I recomend buying
Cbd-a straight away
Rxn yields, loses ,time etc do not make it more economical


You have an easy time finding CBDA here? I having hard time locating this.


XD take imports?

Find fresh hemp, pull fresh frozen, extract said ff and pull cbda or is this out of the possibility

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Wth has 1000s of lbs of frozen Hemp :neutral_face:

Pretty sure every farmer running hemp has 1000’s of lbs, just takes initiative to get the product a processor whom is actually working at their goal is intending to go for. People are lazy af in this industry and it’s sad. (Not directed at op) but if someone wants something and they have the means to do it they should. Otherwise they’ll pay premium to source the input on some taxes shit from it either being processed already to said input product(cbda rich oil) OR get the fuck off the couch and go make sure you become the processor to oversee from plant to oil to post process and perfect your work.

Fuck this lazy shit anymore, if you can’t do it yourself you shouldnt be anyways.

I can say that I dont know a single farmer that has 1000s of lbs of FROZEN hemp, and I also dont know one who would front the bill on harvesting and keeping 1000s of lbs of hemp frozen, it just doesn’t make any sense financially for them todo that :man_shrugging:, only people who run FF CBDa are doing it at extremely small scale for their own products like @AshevilleExtracts does

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If I were running hemp I’d want better product to blast not some shitty wet bailed fibers. That’s all I gotta say. Yes I understand most helpers only run for isolate or disty, but that’s cause they don’t or won’t work a deal with their source the farm to strike out for better inputs. Just cause the farmer won’t front the bill doesn’t mean the extractor or investor if it makes sense in their market wouldn’t be able to. There’s always a way to do something if you have the drive.

All this talk about people not wanting to do it is just the same people busting out lower quality products. The standard in both hemp and cannabis is super low all over the board. So be different and stand out. Make a name, not a cliche.

No doubt, but that doesn’t mean it makes logistical sense todo it, if your end goal is thca isolate (which is already dirt cheap) you cant really afford to go the long route

Not sure if you know how much of an investment that is, between additional labor cost to harvest, delivering and renting freezers, and then finding a lab with or installing a larger throughput hydrocarbon system to get 1-2% yeilds makes this unrealistic, its not lazy or being a cliche to know that somethings just arnt worth the squeeze

Thank the consumers for that, if everyone and their grandma didnt want sub 700$ 95% liters and 1$ grams of Live resin BHO quality might still be around, but since people have to make money to keep food on the table we are where we are :man_shrugging:

I’m pretty sure @Roguelab has all the extremely high purity CBDA you will ever need.

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