CBD tincture with terpenes - mag stir vs homogenize

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Did my best to read this entire website before posting. Still unsure about this: I’m mixing a CBD tincture product made up of CBD concentrate (Co2 extract+hemp seed oil), hemp seed oil carrier, and terpenes from True Terpenes. I was planning to use a mag stirrer hotplate until I started reading this site and learned about homogenizers.

Based on my reading here, ideally I should use a @CATScientific homogenizer or similar. It looks like several people who make similar tinctures have had success getting to a properly homogenized end result with heat at about 40-50 degrees C and stirring for long enough to bring the contents up to temperature.

Any personal experience you’d be willing to share? Given that I’m not mixing VP, PG, or other, do I still need a homogenizer to get to a proper homogenized product?

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IMO a homogenizer is probably overkill and often pricey for mixing terpenes and tincture, that is assuming everything is miscible. A homogenizer will most certainly get the job done, and with speed, but is something I generally have used for emulsions of immisscible fluids and analytical sample prep.

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Thanks @Phytoalchemy for the quick response. While you’re generously sharing, what do you use as a rule of thumb when mixing miscible tincture components like I am? I’ve read everything from ‘bring it to temp while mixing’ to ‘2 hours minimum’.

Well I’ve formulated 5-20L batches of MCT tincture with an overhead stirrer adding terpenes without heat and kept mixing for 45 minutes and I’ve never turned up with a hotspot. But as always, your mileage may vary.

I ALWAYS use pre blending when formulating liquids and gels, which would consist of taking a smaller portion of the tincture and placing in a beaker, add the terpenes to the beaker, stir the solution with a rubber spatula till homogeneous, then add the pre blend back to the bulk solution and stir for 45 more minutes.

I use that method whether adding cannabinoids or terpenes, most often blending distillate into MCT. It looks like you already infused your carrier oil so that might be overkill, however I would always carry out formulation with good practices regardless.

I would assume that if you have a robust enough magnetic stirrer that it would be just as good as an overhead impeller for your purposes. You can heat the solution if desired.