Cbd terpenes


Hello everyone, I’ve been looking for terpenes for my cbd cartridges. Been having a hard time finding peppermint and wintergreen flavor terpenes. Does anyone here know where to find that, or website that sell those flavor terpenes?


Google their essential oils.

Have fun.


methyl salicylate, menthol, menthone.

There are two major vendors here.

Have you looked @TrueTerpenes or @FloraplexTerpenes?


Hello Lmc,

We would love to know a bit more about your needs, desired end product, qty. You want it minty, are there other effects you desire? Let’s chat further. We are happy to help.

thank you @cyclopath for the mention.


I recently got hemp derived terpenes from a guy who uses a wiped film and I really like them. I found true terpenes to be too intense (like perfume) even at low concentrations, while the hemp derived terpenes are much more subtle and smell more like actual cannabis.

I guess that won’t help you find the flavors you’re specifically looking for, but I found actual cannabis-derived terpenes to be the best so far.


If you like hemp essential oil, imagine what the actual essential oils taste like. Not perfume.


Catnip is closely related to Peppermint and contains the Terpenoid Nepetalactone.


you can always request - it may take time