CBD supplier who will ship to the UK

Im on a hunt for suppliers of CBD Isolate and T-free Distillate.

Im a small up-start and hoping for 1kg of each to get me going.



@MileHighLabs has UK distribution. DM me and I’ll pass along contact info for sales.


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Consider getting verified if you wanna sell cbd here

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Uk based as well bro, most will ship to the UK just check its T-free or above 99.8 or about that i think. Factor in postage cost (usually about 100$) as well as 20% import tax in UK. can reccoment Central Processers really professional team

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Well you didn’t read the post did you? Because thats not whats going on here.

Id like to add that if you haven’t got a Slanger tag then please dont contact me.

Im also not looking for resellers… some one the quotes I got in DM’s from none tagged people have been crazy lol.
(1500 for iso? Bonkers lol)

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Hey CBDFox,

I can help you out. I can distribute to the UK and most of the EU as it is. Would love to get you started!

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I was responding to @ibm123 who was an un-verified person trying to market his product to you.

I suggested that @ibm123 get verified if he wants to try and sell here.

Was trying to help but if you wanna enlighten me on how

I’m all ears

Ah alright ddnt notice that.
My bad.

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No worries. I purchase a lot of my cbd isolate from @MinkLoafs they do a good job over there and for a very fair price

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Thank you sir! Glad we got to link up this weekend- come back soon