Cbd Shatter How to make

Hi guys,
I see a lot of CBD shatter/wax on the market.
Does anyone knows how it is made?
Seems they add terpenes in it.
Would be nice if someone could share his knowledge here :slight_smile:

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You can search for terpsolate and there’s quite a few good tech tips if you dig around a bit on the site here.


I have a friend who makes some pretty nice looking badder like terped isolate

That would be your easiest way to make this. Take isolate, add terps. experiment with different techniques until you find one that works for you

Some bho made from hemp trim. Comes out very sappy

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Thanks, 'im checking now. Was a bit lost because of the mixing of CBD shatter/terpsolate/wax
Anyway thank you

CBDa shatter :+1: zero thc