CBD Seeds Available <2020 Compliant>

We have over 1m seeds to get rid of this year! Seeds produced in Southern Oregon.
Sold Price Per Pound in bulk. Roughly 27,000 seeds per pound. Smaller Quantities require Per Seed Pricing. We cover Shipping cost on bulk orders.

  • Red Cross Autoflower BX2 Non-Fem; 13%-17% CBD; .1-.5% CBG; <.3% Total THC - $2000/#
  • Siskyou Gold X Berry Blossom Non-Fem; 13%-16% CBD; LOQ CBG; <.3% Total THC - $1900/#
  • Boax X Berry Blossom Non-Fem; 11%-14% CBD; LOQ CBG; <.3% Total THC - $1800/#

DM or Reply for more info!

do you have 20 farmers that used your seed last year who will report what your seed actually produced?