CBD Sauce?

Hey guys wondering if anyone has tried to make a “CBD Sauce” from hemp is it possible to make sauce from hemp what are your thoughts? …By that i mean something similar to the OTSS tek

I havent tried it the same way as thca, but this was purged then crashed under low heat and pressure.
From FF hemp.


Awesome! so that is cbd then ? thats awesome tried searching for the topic but didnt see anything did you do it in mason jars or miner?

Yep, CBD. I’m sure there is a couple % thca in there though.

This was done in Mason jars since there wasn’t solvent present, but it would be the same in a miner.

Raw garden and Golden State Banana have dispensary sold CBD sauce. I think GSB is self titled and Raw Garden is Cherry Wine. They’re great for relaxation and body high. It doesn’t hit you like a dab though and I feel like all CBD has a eucalyptus aftertaste.

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Nice man i was one of the first dispensaries(delivery) in ventura country to carry Raw Garden products they are awesome people and a great company with great product since day one wasnt aware they had a cbd sauce but i am out of the business for now hmm interesting though thanks for the info!

Anyone else have any good pics of cbd sauce they have made themselves? and tek you used?