CBD Recrystallization

We recently made a batch of isolate that came out to be <99% CBD but still had a small amount of THC locked into the crystal. When we melted it down and tried to recrystallize it in our reactor, the solution began to nucleate at 35 C, pretty much as soon as we added the pentane at a 4:1 ratio. We believe this rapid crystallization caused the THC to become locked into the crystal yet again and was just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences when melting down their isolate to recrystallize CBD and what suggestions you could provide to fix this issue. Any and all THC remediation SOPs for CBD isolate would be helpful.

Bring the solvent and the oil up to the boiling temp of the solvent seperately, then combine


I had luck throwing a lil solvent and freezing but it took forever…

Rocks were nice 2-3mm cristals though…

Serial recrystallization at room temp. Don’t freeze your solution.

Isolation is (or should be) a mechanical means of separating THC from CBD.

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