CBD prices March 2020

How much is hemp derived CBD crude and distillate selling for wholesale now in California? high quality ; i’m making it in North Carolina

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Depends on if you’re buying or selling

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I just sold w/d crude for $230kg.

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Whoa :open_mouth:

selling… sorry

First to the bottom loses!

seriously? it’s that bad now - the market? we’re trying to get started…lol

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I would reconsider your business plans. Prices are falling insanely fast. We built out to distill and by time we has all the parts it stopped being profitable to do. I can buy cheaper than I can make at a small scale, and this was math done with prices a month ago


Producing for less than $150/kilo will be tough for almost everyone.

We sell 68-72% total cannabinoid crude extracted in NC at $200 a kg

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Turn around and run the other way. Best advise you can get


Time to hire chemists and start converting CBD to THC and CBN.


Shhhhhhhhh then those prices will plummet too!!! X)



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how about CBG?

There is little market for it consumer wise, at least in my region

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Same thing is gonna happen to CBG this fall. Those who didn’t loose their ass this year on CBD plan to do so next year on CBG.


The wells dried up for the basic stuff (crude, disty, T-free)…I’m sure it’ll climb a bit again once everyone switches to CBG this season (chasing cannabinoids is not a sustainable model).

Go for the boutique market. Buy from the bigger guys and refine it even more and find a niche market. Smaller processors are losing their asses right now, but most of us “smaller guys” have the advantage over the large scale. We can do cool shit with our end products.

Retail is where the moneys at as long as you have a good product that works. Compounding “farmacy” is an idea we are working on now


good advice thanks

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Same, I just bought some w/d crude, 53% CBD, with great labs, for sub<$250.

I was sure prices would fall for 2020, but this is getting crazy