CBD oil producing line professional provider- Shanghai Linbel

Hi, Dear Bro,

This is June from Shanghai Linbel in China, we are professional manufacture of chiller, heater, reactor , rotary evaporator , distillation system etc, there are many models in stock, also could customize for your according to your requirements.
Here is our Website: www.linbel.com

If you need any equipments or replacement for CBD/THC line, contact me freely.
WhatsApp.: +86 15755082395
Email: Sales1@linbel.com

Best regards!
June Sun

Best. Intro. Ever.


I’ll be totally honest it’s how me and literally all of my Asian friends address each other - we say bro more than the original Dogtown skate team haha


Hahaha, you mean Bro?

Yes, we like to say bro, I don’t know how to greet each other in your country,hahaha


I think you’re doing it just fine :slight_smile: my best friend is from Guangzhou and that’s pretty much how we talk to eachother ever day


wow, your best friend in Guangzhou? He is Chinese or also from your country? :grinning:

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He moved to the USA when he was 17 out in TX and then moved out to here in Colorado a few years after that - i’ve met a lot of his family who’ve come out here including his mother and father who are all amazing people who treat me like i’m their son too, haha! We’ve been friends for about 10 years now and his son is my godson so he tells me about home quite a bit


awesome, good friends add color for our life. We don’t need many friends, even only one best friend is enough.
You and your friends are all working for CBD industry?


THC industry - CBD is cool but all our expertise lies in THC, him more the cultivation as I’m teaching him extraction right now actually

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I think CBD and THC both are cool, hahaha, you are professional in extraction I think. :grinning:
we could provide many equipments about THC, if you need any equipments or replacements of molecular distillation system, contact me freely.
By the way, if you heard LINBEL (our company) before?

Hi, Bro,
Here is site installation for customers: Rotary Evaporator+Chiller, Reactor with heating chiller.
If you need any model equipments, tell me your reqirements freely. We will recommend suitable model for you.
My email is sales1@linbel.com

Big Temperature Control Unit (TCU) could be customized. You could tell us your requirements, then we design suitable unit to you.
Temp. range is -120C to 200C, if you have any requirements for temp. range?

There are 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L short path in stock, DM sales1@linbel.com to learn more information and price. :slight_smile:

There are many -80C chiller in stock, feel free to ask :slight_smile: