CBD Oil, Distillate and Isolate for sale

I have about 2 kilos of each the whole plant oil, distillate and isolate. I am looking for a wholesale buyer soon. If you are interested please get in contact with me and I will send you the COAs, and we can talk about pricing.

I am located in Boulder, CO.


What was your staring material on the biomass ?

Was it flower or kief ? And did you happen to get it tested prior - we’re in Canada so can’t get it - but would love some insight on what you used -

I got tonnage of material that’s only 1.3% cbd content - it’s kief - just wondering if I should be running it or not ?

Interested in your distillate please call me 831-999-0041

@Tetratech: Seriously? Tonnes of kief? At 1.3% CBD?

If I kiefed my preferred biomass I’d be above 30%.

My trimmed flowers usually hit 16% CBD. Whole plant is about 7%.

How are you processing to make that viable?

Edit: my THC levels are low enough (<0.4%) that the biomass qualifies as “hemp” here in OR

Are you in Canada

Yes I am not sure how they processed it - but i can’t seem to extract anything from it … I feel I extract more hemp oil ( or some mystery oil ) the actual cbd content and that’s after running it through the short path . I use iso to extract