CBD/ MJ Equipment

Monosem Planter, Dryers, Extractors, Testing equipment, If anyone is in need of equipment; i may be able to help.

Shoot Dm with any needs.

This used or new equipment?

It would help if you included some more specifics to help expedite your sale. Pictures and Prices are usually a suggested start.

Both and honestly its easier for people to ask me than through it up here. but i will add some detail.

Its easier for you… maybe in theory. Until people start asking you for equipment you dont have and YOU have to spend your time telling them you dont have it, or you do have it but dont have it priced in a range that gets people interested so you waste more of your time and others time.

But hey what do I know. I just like increasing my chances of selling equipment any way i can and providing a list would be my first step.

You do you boo


CO2 Extractors- MRX20l , IES20l non hydraulic. (USED)
Distillation- CDU1 Short Path(USED), Pure Path 100 (USED)
FFE- Yellowstone, x40(4-5), ase100(3) (USED)
Roto vaps. (USED)
Hemp Dryers (New/ USED).

got any 2L or 5l rotovaps?

asking for @Akoyeh :wink:

Who could certainly DM that question, but then you’d need to answer it repeatedly…


If a 20L was priced rhe same as a 5L, I’d take that too. :wink:

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The ASE 100’s are sold.

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Yellowstone - price, age and model
E Lundquist 650=888-5096 elundquist3@gmail.com