CBD Isolate Powder + Distillate = Good/Bad?

I plan on making some cart samples for myself soon as I enjoy dabbing CBD Isolate. I didn’t know what else to mix it with to put into a cart that would last me a little while, so I ended up going towards the distillate route.

The question I had was, does anyone have experience doing this in a way that’s enjoyable to them? I just planned on doing 10% Botanical Terpenes (for the taste), 10% CBD Isolate, 80% Distillate. Im worried that the CBD Isolate would crystallize too much in the cart for it to even pull, so im sticking around 10% but if im wrong please do correct me.

In the end, I just want this to be actually “useable” and not just a waste of my time trying to make my on-the-go CBD Isolate/Distillate Cart. Thank you!

I make 4:1 CBD:THC spiking isolate to distillate and have no problems with crystallization.


Do you also get little crystals that do form at the bottom / around the walls of the cartidge?

Ours is strictly for edibles but there is no crystallization over multiple weeks of storage.

10% CBD isolate and 80% THC disty? That’s not enough CBD to crash out, so you’re fine.

If you’re talking 10% CBD isolate and 80% CBD disty you’re almost definitely going to see crystallization in your carts.

10% terps is probably too much. I like 5-6%

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For the Isolate to crash out within the cart, would it do any “harm” to the cart? As in clog it / make it unuseable? In the past I’ve ran into this problem where my isolate has crashed out inside of a cart, but to the point where the cart was essentially clogged.

Im trying to figure out the ratio of CBD Isolate : THC Distillate , that would keep it from crashing out.

Just try 1:1 and go up and down from there. If you have 5 empty carts you can r&d enough ratios to figure it out

Is you goal here to vape CBD or THC?

Mainly THC, I just want to add the CBD Isolate so it has little diamonds forming in the cartidge

You want the carts to have crystals in them? Or you want to add CBD to a cart and not have it crystalize?

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My bad im not being clear with what I want, yes I do want the crystals to form in the cartidge.

The crystals won’t move into the cartridge wick, then all the people will be mad about all the weed they paid for but didn’t get.


Is it exposed to air at all?

Yep. We don’t backfill our media bottles.

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And zero terpene content in it as well correct? Im confused what could be causing the cbd not to crash

No terps.

It’s a decent spectrum of noids ~90% TAC in the starting distillate. I just mix in the isolate and leave in a 90 C oven until it melts, toss it in the overhead mixer for an hour to homogenize, pour and cap.

And to confirm you’re using 99.9% isolate? I would love to explore this further; if there is something at play that is counteracting crashing that could be huge. Any chance you ever got a COA for the final solution or for the distillate?

I operate licensed in Mass, and we are required to use MDAR licensed isolate. I do recall the labs for the mix came back with a small amount of CBDA if that could be stabilizing it.