CBD Isolate Contract 600 kg/month

Looking for quotes from direct sources (or close to it) of isolate for 600 kilos/month on a 12 month contract.

Yes this is real not a unicorn. In fact there are much larger contracts to follow this one if your prices are competitive, you are professional, and your SOPs are clear. The actual client is a multinational pharma company. This company has closed on isolate deals that cost eight figures monthly.

Direct message me with your best quotes. Or e-mail info@lifeawakebotanical.com

Pricing needs to be highly competitive to make this work. If you are flexible on pricing then this client can turn into huge business for your lab.


slquarante51@gmail.com im jagaur we can help

Maybe I can help you fill that 600 a month deal thanks

I’m pretty sure you are late to the party


lol…by just a weee bit

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