CBD, Hemp Derived Product's- Update- HHC

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Square is now suspending accounts, shutting accounts down who process HHC.

Esquire- NO HHC
Maverick- No HHC

Argyle- As far as I know the only bank processing for HHC

Argyle- Minimum $25k processing volume, no start ups

This industry is ALWAYS changing, so as of today, here is where a lot of payment processors stand with the processing of CBD, D8, other hemp derived cannabinoids.

I work for Argyle Payments, and have about 4 diff. banks for CBD, D9 D10, HHC, THC-V,

Also, a lot of major players in the space.

Not able to Accept AMEX? message me to know why, how we can provide that,

Starting a new business:

-Make sure you have an FDA Disclaimer on your site

  • ALL products MUST have COA’s listed on the site. (not older than 15 months)
    -Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, Return Policy.
    -MUSt list states where product cannot be shipped (disclaimer) AND at checkout

  • 3 Months bank Statements for the business (3 months personal, if new)

  • 3 months prior processing statements
    -Drivers License
    -Voided Check OR Bank Letter

  • Are able to process payments for Kratom
    *Able to process for Amanita Muscaria

  • Cannot do THC-O

Any other questions, 805-728-9056, [sean@argylepayments.com]

We have been reviewing the merchant account statements very heavily from others in the industry and have determined that the rates and fees can be substantially reduced. In many cases, the savings has resulted in a 20%-30% decrease in monthly payment processing fees, ensuring that your funds are better utilized to further your operations and help you succeed even further.

I also have website requirements checklist, document checklist, everything you need to get started or pay less.

This is informational, so that if you are starting out, you know what you will need EXACTLY.

Also offer hemp friendly bank account


Can confirm one of my clients accounts was suspended from Square today.

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