CBD+Full Spectrum Product White Label Manufacturer Needed


Hi everyone, I currently have a client who is looking to source and distribute white labelled CBD products, but I would also like to incorporate either full-spectrum extract, and/or isolated CBG, CBN, and terpenes in products if possible (not mandatory). We have a sales/marketing/branding team already built out, but just need a manufacturer(s). I have a few in mind but would like to hear the input of the forum and maybe give some of you business if you have a facility.

If you can make any one/all of these products, please let me know. Please only recommend manufacturers who regularly test with reputable labs (ProVerde, etc).

  1. Edibles, such as gummies
  2. Vape cartridges
  3. Salves
  4. Hemp flower
  5. Tinctures
  6. Infused beverages
  7. Mints
  8. Vitamins
  9. Protein powder (preferably whey isolate)
  10. Open to anything else

Thank you!



Where are you located?



I believe the company will be located in Florida.



Does anyone have feedback on Global Cannabinoids? I don’t see many reviews, so am a bit skeptical of them delivering on such a wide line of SKU’s.



Hi Cryptoterpenoid we can handle white labeling full spectrum products.



The impression I got from Global is that they are super over-valuated, like a Folium Biosciences or Kazmira…
Haven’t done much business with them but that is the initial feel I got with them.

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I work for a vertically integrated cultivator/manufacturer/retailer though and would love to hear you out on what exactly your client is looking for. We do white label orders all the time so I think we could help you out. My e mail is zach.b@strawberryfieldscannabis.com



What do you mean when you say global kazmira and folium are super overvaluated? As in their pricing is expensive?



Yeah, they’re pricing is expensive. But what I also mean speaks mostly for Folium, as I have been to their facility a few times and know quite a few people over there, including the owner. I just get the same feel from Kazmira and Global as I do from Folium. I don’t know anyone at Kazmira or Global personally though.
Their valuation, as in worth of the company, is so high and they are backed by so much investors money (more than they are worth). Basically they put up a front as this huge, state of the art facility/company to get investors (and consumers) to buy in but in reality they aren’t all that they are cracked up to be. Like, Folium’s COAs are from a testing lab in their own facility lol. That’s shady shit. And they have a LOT of law suits against them already for multiple things.

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Hi everyone, thanks for all the replies! I’ll be getting back to all of you later this week.

Another product type that I’d like to pursue (perhaps a bit easier) would be capsules with full spectrum extract combined with other medicinal herbs.



Looking forward to connecting Daleyglobal@gmail.com




Best products!! Super helpful

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I would be happy to talk to you about how we can help! Do you have a good time to chat sometime this week?



Kazmira vs. Folium Bioscience vs. Global Cannabinoids?

Have you found the best manufacture for white label products with good prices?

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Hit up @MileHighLabs

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If you haven’t found what you are looking for hit me up.





We are in North Carolina. We are a owned and operated by an Ph.D. In organic chemist. Let me know if you are interested.



Hey pal @SanDiegoLive it all depends on your business & budget needs. I’ve been consulting in thc + cbd for a hot minute.

Send me a DM and I can try to point you in the best direction.



Heh, pueblo, look at that



How can I DM you? hit me up at sandiegolive@live.com