CBD from Turkey


I keep hearing about labs or middlemen for CBD coming out of Turkey. Front for scams or Chinese CBD?

Turkey makes a lot of decent cbd


Very interesting to hear. I was assuming it was just repackaged Chinese CBD. Or scam.

None of them really want to work in escrow it seems. Or if they do - they want 5-10% up front minimum. Being in a different country and all, that just screams bad news in my experience working with overseas business. I understand it is likely because it’s all being conducted by middlemen/brokers from the labs and it’s not cheap to ship 1000’s of KG’s over oceans…

Reminds me of the good ol’ custom synth days of RC’s and shifty Chinese labs. Only got burnt once, but was able to contract a few rarities on top of the usual suspects. Had to wade through the scams to get to the gold.

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safeorscam :joy:

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Lol anyone remember Rate The Source?

Side note — Im 99% sure I’ll have some form of cancer due to all the wonky phenethylamines, tryptamines and lysergamides I’ve gobbled up over those years…

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