CBD Extraction Licenses for Colorado?

We are currently in Oregon, but making a move to Colorado. The plan is to buy hemp, extract CBD with ethanol, and sell branded products through various channels. We plan to start small and lean, hopefully building up to a larger facility for next year’s harvest.

Ideally I’d like to just set-up a lab at home for extraction, and rent out a commercial kitchen to crank out tinctures and products. Keeping overhead minimal for the first round of production.

Legally, do I need permits for the lab? Could we just lab test our products, and fly under the radar for a while, or is this idea idiotic?

Any advice or help?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

You will need Commodity Handler’s license for your lab and any other place where hemp/CBD product is being manufactured, stored, or sold. They aren’t too expensive, you can get them thru the Department of Ag. I think there are also some cert’s you might want to get thru the Health Dept. to be 100% compliant, but nothing crazy like THC licensing yet… If you call DOA of Health Dept. and tell them you are thinking about opening a new lab/business they are pretty cool about telling you what you need from them to be compliant.
Commercial Kitchen is smart because they have all the OSHA requirements under control, you just have to find one that allows CBD. Most of the ones in Denver do.
If you are storing large amounts of solvent, you will need to be approved for that as well.
Hope this helps.


you might read this
RevisionstoHempRules7-5-18.pdf (509.4 KB)


I could help you with white labeling if you would like to help keep costs down in your initial phase

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We have all licensing in Colorado for an extraction lab opening in Colorado next week. We do not have product manufacturing yet as that is something we are looking to get into for 2019. We could do extraction if you have manufacturing machines and could create products for different companies. Just an option if you are capable of doing it on large scale for us.

Otherwise I also own hempicated where we already have a manufacturing company that we can do white labeling for you to keep your cost down.

Can we get on a phone call, I think we might be able to help each other


I’ll get my thoughts together and shoot you a PM. I’d love to talk further…

Do you know in what instances processors would want to get a farm products handlers license rather than a commodity handler’s license?

Well a processor probably would want them Farm Product Handler’s License because hemp stalks, leaves, and flower are considered Farm Products. So as a processor, you’d be handling a lot of hemp flower and would need this license.
Also, if you get a Farm Products Handler License, it also acts as a Commodity Handler’s License…

The company I work for has both, but we do not process hemp. We do mostly seed and infused products.

Here’s a useful link

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