CBD edible homogenization

I want to create a CBD edible that is similar to brownie/cookie, and am aware that one of the biggest hurdles is achieving a homogenous mixture providing consistent CBD amounts in each individual product.

It seems like edibles such as hard candies and gummies are easier to homogenize - my understanding is that this is because they are essentially liquids during a certain stage in their production(?)

My idea is that batters or doughs (as in the case with brownies or cookies) have liquid or oil elements that could be homogenized (such as cbd oil). In my understanding, the problem arises when mixing the homogenized liquid or oil in with the other ingredients, which would in turn compromise the homogeneity of the batch. Is this correct? Or could I use a homogenous liquid/oil and then just use an overhead mixer or something of the sort to achieve overall batch homogeneity?

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The easy way, as you said, would be to mix your CBD into oil and make sure it is fully homogenized. After that, use the oil in your batter and it will be homogeneous.

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Exactly the way i make my cbd and thc edibles. extract, decarbed, into a double boiler on the stove. Cook/mix for 20 mins at 130* max. Let cool, add to what recipe im baking at the time.

4yrs with this tek. I make 3 dozen a month for my.patients

I’m curious, when mixing CBD into oil at point do you know that it is fully homogenized?

I put in on a magnetic hot plate and let it melt and dissolve.

I’ve had COAs on my products and never had any issues with homogenization.

What kinds of products are you making? I’m looking to incorporate the CBD isolate into oil using a hot plate/stirrer and then use the oil to make brownies/cookies/etc.

Tinctures, massage oils, salves, etc…

I think you should go for it! Just make sure you mix it properly.

And send me some of those brownies as well :wink: