CBD distillate with MCT oil or hemp seed oil homogenisation method

I’m Lukas from Poland and I’m new here. I’m starting to create CBD tincture from T-free ND Distillate which I’ve purchased from [Bret_HoneyGold]. I would like to make 10% oil from it. If you can help me please with the right equipment choice that would be awesome! I see that most popular is the CAT X1000 homogenizer but maybe CAT X120 would work on a small scale too? I don’t want to buy cheap china stuff but maybe you can recommend something else. I won’t be doing more than 500-1000ml each time. As I understood I need to heat the solvent oil and the distillate to about 80°C. What speed should I use and for how long? 2 minutes should be ok? Thank you for any information/advice.

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i don’t see why you need a homogenizer for tinctures. Blending hemp seed oil or MCT with distillate or isolate, a homogenizer is not needed. You can get by with a good magnetic hot plate stirrer. Most magnetic stirrers can do up to a liter. I believe a homogenizer is for combining compounds that normally do not come together with a simple stirrer. However, use the search bar and find out as much as you can. Everything you want to know is already on this forum, you just have to find it and put it together. If you still have questions, then start asking. Word to the wise, pretty sure 80 degrees c is way too hot, you shouldn’t have to go above 50 c.


You should add a flavor like peppermint or something if you are going to be doing a 10% concentration with distillate

Apexflavors.com have excellent peppermint, amongst others. Very quick and efficient. i use a few drops of terpenes. then finish it off with the oil soluble flavors from Apex.

You can mix with restaurant grade equipment. A giant spoon and some huge food grade buckets or stock pots works, and is way cheaper than electric stuff. Might be good to gently heat the distillate in a stainless steel stock pot first to melt it if it’s solid

Hey I might actually have a solution to contribute: Amazon.com . They are ~$70 USD.

I’ve been using it to make edible gummies and edible oils (MCT and distillate). It heats up and blends. That’s pretty much it.

If anyone has tips or a good reason not to use a blender, I’d love to hear it since it’s working for personal use, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for your scale.


I thought that homogenizer is necessary to achieve the right mixing level. Thank you guys for all comments and additinal tips about adding flavor. I’ll start with a good magnetic hot plate stirrer and 40°C.

Instead of a traditional blender personally I would go for an immersion blender. Batch size and easy of cleaning/use seen to be leaning towards stick blenders



I only posted the blender because it isn’t traditional: it is used for hot soups, etc. It’s heated and can be run for 3-5 minutes to aid in emulsifying the product.


How long would you typically run a blender like this - the same timeframe as a mag stirrer?

No where near the time as a magnetic plate. One liter takes around 1 min. A stir/hot plate is required prior to the stick blenders use. The blender is able to lift (off the table) a half gallon mason jar with 1 liter of MCT in it.

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For 1000mL you can get by with immersion blending, for sure. Immersion blenders are OKAY. I find that if you are doing it frequently, go for one that has large volume capacities. I have burnt out a ton of these. Even though you CAN achieve a good blend without a homogenizer, I prefer Homogenizers any day. Homogenizers ensure that there aren’t any hot pockets of potency. Right now I use a Silverson AX5 but have had a few CATs and Polytrons that rock. Just make sure the RPM setting doesn’t add too much mechanical energy (as well as your heat source) into the formulation and degrade your cannabinoids.

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Great, thanks! I really don’t want to wait 4+ weeks for a CAT X1000 that isn’t $2k+ so appreciate the alternative suggestions.

Industrial is the way to go. Make sure your model has an on/off switch and get a ring stand with some clamps so you can have it mix with out you holding it!