CBD distillate to Europe

We need 5-10 liter + cbd distillate full spectrum and 5-10 liter + broad spectrum. Per month.

We need ship to Poland.

U have good prices ? Contact ME


Sending you a DM

Sending DM

U send DM but u dont reply to message :smiley:

Still Need PM ME

Did you wander over to the hemp outlet and ask?

Or look at those offering?

Welcome to the Hemp Outlet. This is a place for verified slangers to sell hemp in all its forms.

Need CBD Distillate bulk Europe Full Spectrum.

Nope. Did you click on the link?

Now I’m moving your post…

And suggest Shipping Hemp CBD products from Europe to USA

You want cbd in Poland, why not buy it in Poland…

BUMP need Full spectrum distillate to europe Poland

No one have good distilate cbd full spectrum in europe :slight_smile: ?

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I’ve got a partner with CBD disty on the ground in Europe but it’s broad spec. Lots of minors but below 0.2%

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DM sent

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I got very good distillate but with 1-3% THC.

We need distillate 0.3 thc in europe.
Send me offers please

I hooked you up with an American company who has compliant disty ready to ship. Never heard back from you.
Are you for real?

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