CBD distillate - full spec

please dm or email for COA.

(989) - 293 - 6554

Singles- $2000
2-5 liter- $ 1850
6-10 liter - $ 1750
10+ liter - $1600


Lookin good! More than 3x what i am currently paying for full spec disty though. Posting a COA can help speed the process along too


Thanks, have posted the coa’s for both batches we have for sale currently. Also have negotiating room on price. Reason why I left phone number and email, I can be easily reached and will respond in a timely manner.

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Seems I can’t figure out how to edit this posting so I apologize. We are dropping the price to $1600 regardless on volume. Thanks :blush:

i’ve gotten remedited for that price. Still too much

Thanks for input, was just updating the price here. We also have remediated for exact same price but unfortunately are currently out and company that is removing the thc is not back to work yet. Will hopefully have the ability to list that soon also. Have a great day.

how is it worth the same amount? @smpl does singles of unremediated for less than 800 with higher numbers. Your pricing is in no way reflects current market prices

Not trying to be rude as much as helpful. Bring your prices to match market and you will sell