CBD Distillate carts with cannabis terpenes?

Hi. This is my first post, so excuse me if there has been a similar topic.

I am wanting to create full spectrum CBD distillate cartridges infused with cannabis terpenes. My extract is 87% CBD and THC free (its illegal here). As I’m sure a lot of you know, CBD distillate will crystallise above 50% or so. So if my math is correct, to get it down to 50% i’d need 42-43% diluent.
I know i can’t add that many terps and i really want to avoid using mct/pg/vg/peg or any other non cannabinoid or terpene ingredient so what are my options?
i see a lot of these flavourless terpene blends going around but I’m not too sure about them. One company uses triethyl citrate in their blend and I’ve heard that isn’t all that either!

There are so many companies popping up claiming they’re using a 50% full spectrum CBD distillate and terpenes with ‘No added fillers or diluents’
I’m struggling to see how tthis is possible!?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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yes, there other other relevant threads. you should find them and read them

Search results for 'CBD crystallize cart' - Future4200 might pull some or all of them up.

that does not mean you shouldn’t start another thread. it just means that reading those threads first may well answer your question, but will at the least give you the background to ask all the ancillary questions you’re gonna have.

Based on my reading of those threads, the first thing to try might be diluting with CBDA, if you’ve got a source that won’t put you over whatever jurisdictional THC limit you’re dealing with.


use MCT oil to dilute your distillate so it wont crystalize… dont worry about it, you will break your head thinking this through. never more than 5% terpene concentration.

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They are adding marketing :poop:


Isn’t MCT terrible for your lungs? What alternatives to MCT?

Clear cut stabilizer for CBD. $1,000/L. hit me up for it. coa and MDSD upon request.

Does this stabilizer prevent CBD from crystallization?

Yes if diluted down to around 50% total cannabinoids.

Cut with order cannabinoids…,


Hello I’m looking to see if it’s possible to ask about cbd carts I’m trying to make my own and they keep crystilizng… any advice?