CBD Distillate Carts Diluent

We’ve been making CBD carts with distillate, mct and mct terps from TT. They are just “OK”. The flavor is muted from the MCT and the MCT just gives them an off taste. We are working on using distillate, terps and a diluent, but I’m confused about a couple things.

Our distillate is 93% CBD. According to my math, in order to get the CBD to below 60% so it doesn’t crystalize in the cart, we have to add around 50% diluent to the distillate.

Floraplex recommends max 20% diluent.

TT says on their website the diluent is not to be used with CBD. I called them and asked about this and was told they couldn’t give formulation info because their products were used in so many different situations (which I understand, but again, why not with CBD?)

Thanks for any help, were just trying to get away from the MCT and want to make the correct decision.

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get olive squalane.


I have a thick, flavorless, odorless, colorless dilute I use to dillute my CBD 50/50. Keeps a thick viscosity but prevents crystallization and doesnt effect taste.

$2/ml. DM if interested.

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Thanks for the tip Rowan. I’ve searched extensively on this site and google and can’t find anything on vaping squalane. I did read most of the TT shitshow post, can’t even find anything anywhere on it being a suggested cut. Trust me, I’m not doubting you, but I’m new here, have you used squalane with carts successfully? Thanks again

Misspell it.

People suggest squalene, which is damned near the same thing- squalane is however more stable and a better product for consumption - it is more readily sourced from plant sources than squalene which typically is harvested from shark lovers- it is a terpene that topically has beneficial effects and has been used as a skincare additive for many years and is considered safe.

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Look into uber thicker made by floraplex

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Thanks, they are sending us some samples to test


What’s olive squaline?

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You don’t have to use Uber thick I have used some diluent by Floraplex for cbd carts I used isolate powder which was 99.6% :star_struck:so it was total powder I used 1part cbd to 3/4 part terp an diluent making 1ml at about 667 mg cbd per but I feel I should ha e used 1part cbd to 1/2part diluent an flavor . And don’t have doubts about Floraplex they are very good suppliers most products from them are very pleasing . Anyways hope that helps :+1::grin:


Sweet, I was going to try make a cbd cart with he isolate and thickener/dilutent (have both on hand) from floraplex myself.


Seek out @qma for his wisdom. His phone consulting price is very reasonable and he has an answer for everything.


Try using there strawberry cough an gelato 50/50 together no lie just tried other day really decent :yum: flavor just a thought since I know u probably have the samples they were giving away . Who doesn’t love freebies right :smiley:

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How do you keep them from crystalizing? I have to get our distillate below 60% to keep it from crystalizing

Squalane* is a terpene sourced from olives. neutral flavor, great dilutent- I believe floraplex is using it though they said squalene to throw people off.

I’m not a chemist, but in the past couple years we have been selling cbd, I’ve never see a distillate over 60% that didn’t crystalize. Ours is around 93% and is hard as a rock after a week or two. I’m interested to know what you have though because this is a big issue for us, have you had it tested to know cbd%?

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LNK, when we receive our distillate (93%), we melt it down and turn it into “pancakes”. Then break it up so it’s easier to measure out as needed. It crystalizes fully in about two weeks, but we have found a faster method to do it in about 3 days, see photo below.


Rowan, I ordered Squalane from a couple different sources, and both of them came with warnings “For external use only. Not for internal use.” They also contain 0.5% Vitamin E (Antioxidant). I’m asking because I honestly don’t know, what makes you think Floraplex is using this? I can’t seem to find any info online on vaping Squalane. Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry it was Gold Coast not flora.

Squalane is the more stable form.

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CBD/CBDa/CBG/Terpenes (Obviously hemp)
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If you are charging $30^/cart for a 𝒻𝓊𝓁𝓁 𝓈𝓅𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓇𝓊𝓂 cart, should your customers not get a premium experience? :frog::tea: now, as the market becomes competetive, what will set you apart?