CBD D9 Blend

Good morning from South Florida, i am new to this forum i am not sure if i am posting this in the correct place.
I have what is probably a bit of a noob question but i need some feedback from experienced people.

can i mix CBD distillate with D9 distillate without running into any issues, i would like to do a 10/90 blend cbd to thc for the purpose of filling my syringes & cartridges.

Is there anything i should expect or would mixing these 2 be as smooth as mixing water with water?

thanks in advance to the community.


They will mix just fine :call_me_hand:little heat and agitation will get it done.


edit: thank you sir.

I do it all the time. heat & stir.

If it’s predominantly THC, then yes it’s as easy as can be. Just heat them up and homogenize.

If you’re using a higher percentage of CBD it can get a little tricky because it may crystallize later on. But that would not be the case until you were using closer to half or more CBD.


that is exactly the answer i was looking for, crystallization was my exact worry.

all feedback is greatly appreciated it goes a very long way to receive these words of wisdom, thank you guys who took the time out to respond and answer my questions

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Cbd crystallization happens over 65% cbd from what I remember.

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I’ve heard that adding CBD to d9 can thin out the d9 a little. Does this work?

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you will end up with one of these


a push me pull you .

oh if only I could talk to the animals.

I still have not crystalized THCa so I can not be sure on ratios but my guess i very small
amounts of CBD in THC is good but lots I have found just make it a washed out experience.

kind of like smoking freebase lidocaine compared to the real thing.

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Honestly I’ve seen it do it at even lower levels plenty of times so I don’t think it’s so black and white as 65%. I’d say the risk is higher but some CBD distillate just wants to crystallize while others seem more stable. I’ve seen as little as 30-40% recrystallize pretty quick so for while I’ve said I think there are more variables than just potency.

I don’t think CBD distillate makes D9 distillate any thinner. I think we just think it’s thinner because we see it sugared up and it appears partially runny. Homogenized with D9 it still is so thick you’ve got to put your full body weight on it to push out of a syringe. Best solution for oil too thick is better carts

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It depends on the ph. I’ve had cbd that crystallizes at 40%.


it can be impurities that cause nucleation due to something else crystallizing first.

it can also be due to the vessel it is in as well creating nucleation for the crystals to form due to

imperfections or scratches.

extreme temperature changes can cause this as well.

it is not a simple one cause problem.

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Uv light also increases crystals. Shits weird

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its an organic phenol.

they tend to be a bit all over the place as far as crystalization is concerned.

ive done runs of phenyl acetic and cinnamic acids and found that the same conditions

well I though they were the same and I am pretty careful will result in different amounts

of crystals and the crystalization times can be very different as well.

same goes for nitro styrenes and even worse aldol products.

ionic salts seem to play a little nicer with what you want though.

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that may be due to the reaction of uv on the CBD changing the ph slightly.

I know the big cbd companies. They exaggerate what’s in their product. The ph determines it all

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that would make sense as phenols are acidic.

I agree i just want to add max 15% cbd to the cartridge , i am going to just have to give it a whirl and see what happens hopefully at 15% the ph wont matter enought to make it possibly crysallize. it would really suck to fill a bulk amount to watch all crystallize in less then a few weeks lol.


always be your own guinea pig.

if its safe and you like it sell it with all of your heart