CBD Crystals

Hey guys I ran my first batch of cbd other day. I’m very pleased with the Color it gave. Has zero red streaks!! But within 24hr was crystalizling right away and within 2 days forming larger crystals. It has a hint of a smell still. Is that smell normal? I did a 2" wf pope. I’ll post some,pics of the cbd


High potency CBD distillate should crystallize like that. Color looks great.

What does it smell like?


Awesome news. Thanks !! It has that feet smell not strong or overwhelming. The crude had same smell. Maybe that just cbd. Was hoping to get rid of smell fully tho. Maybe a better deterping

CBD and most cannabinoids don’t really have a smell (more apparent when its warm) but definitely not “feet”.

How was it distilled? SPD, WFMD?

you can definitely get rid of that smell

I did WF 2" pope. But when ran for distillate run. Did catch a fair amount of terps still. I got the crude “winterized and deterped” but think I should have ran in SPD to deterp before tge pope to be safe

ideally you would run a terp strip/volatiles removal first and then increase temp and run the raffinate again (deepening vacuum with a diffusion pump if possible to below 10mTORR) to distill cannabinoids

Ok awesome Yeah I’m going to do that next run to be on save side. Gonna send in for testing next week hoping it’s above 95% a lot of crystals formed within 24hrs. When I added good terp flavor it does mask that taste/smell. Guess more like rubbery than a feet smell…feet was bad description​:persevere::sweat_smile: thank you again for the tips!!

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What potency does it have to be to auto crystalize. I have some crude that is 90%+ crystals. I have very lil experience with cbd oil

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Looks great!!

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