CBD Crystallization

I would like to get a discussion going on the topic of CBD crystallization: both wanted and unwanted.

We often want to force, accelerate, and optimize crystal formation, but what about the flip-side of the coin being unwanted crystallization within an extract intended for use in a cartridge or device of sorts? CBD isolation is much easier, often happening without any encouragement at all. That being said, has anyone had or heard of a successful formulation with a high (>60%) CBD potency and low (<10%) THC potency in which crystal formation did not eventually occur? All of my R/D leads me to believe that potential for crystallization within CBD extracts is relative to potency as anytime CBD potency begins to creep beyond 50-60% while THC remains low there is accelerated crystallization. Not a problem formulating something in the 35-45% CBD/ 15-25% THC range, but as soon as the relative distance increases, instability goes out the window.


I think there are two ways to go about this, 1 cbda does not crystallize so keeping cbd in its acid form might help or 2 look at candy for inspiration cause they use “interfering agents” like cream of tartar to prevent unwanted crystallization. Im not suggesting cream of tartar but maybe there’s something that will work as an interfering agent that can safely be put into cart


Triethyl citrate perhaps…


or maybe a biologically compatible surfactant

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Frustration continues…


CBDa definitely crystallises.

I believe @Photon_noir can go into more detail, but I’m under the impression that due to CBDa having 3 active groups (two hydroxyl and one carboxyl), it can form at least two different crystal lattice structures.

THC having only one hydroxyl group can only form OH-HO dimers, but CBD having two can keep reacting and form a crystal lattice, CBDa having three can form multiple different crystal structures.

Perhaps Photon will chime in and correct anything I’ve got wrong or just drop some more information, but I’m absolutely certain CBDa will crystallise.


i wont argue cause im only saying ive never seen it so thats what i go by but I would love someone to prove me wrong cause i hav wondered this to

They’re not my pictures to share, but there’s a highly skilled chemist who’s dipping his toes in cannabinoid phytochemistry, and he has pictures of 4L erlenmeyers coated wall to wall with CBDa clusters on his social media.

Not only is it possible, it’s being done.


I have been wanting to get around to isolating cbda for cartridge use. I figure if you can create a 50/50 cbd/cbda cart, the only way for it to crystallize is to decarb some of the cbda, changing the ratio.

Who might that be?


Go on share his name…

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@Acicular You are correct, and I think it’s safe to assume Robert August doesn’t mind reference to or use of his screen name from a social media site like instagram when discussing his work. :wink: @Terpslut @Future


I crystallize cbd on an industrial scale and scaling up soon to do about 10 kilos in a batch.


Would love to know anything you can divulge about your practices, start to finish. Do you start with an ethanol extraction?

Still batch proccessing though? I’ve got my eyes on several different industrial scale continuous flow crystallizers


Don’t know if this is really my business sharing but seeing as you have already seen it.

This picture is not CBDa, but read the comments.


Lol for now yes, ive rigged it for our scale up to be possible continous flow but the industrial scale cont. flow crystallizers are gorgeous feats of engineering


Glad you’re the one dropping names and not me :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people take their privacy very seriously. I’m sure you know St Augusts background.

That being said, you put something on instagram, the world’s going to see it I guess …

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Exactly. Social media is free game. I was honestly surprised to see some of his posts, and I continue to be flabbergasted by people dealing in illicit substances on instagram. :confused: