CBD crystal size


How big do the largest CBD crystals get? Assuming I want the largest size single crystal possible then just how big is that? In terms of size how does the typical CBD crystal compare to a THCA crystal aso grown for size? What type of crystal system does CBD form? (CUBIC, HEXAGONAL, TETRAGONAL, RHOMBOHEDRAL, ORTHORHOMBIC, MONOCLINIC)


Errl Earnhardt used to post pics and videos of some fairly big ones, such as https://www.instagram.com/p/BGXrHeOrB4U/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1bhqqkekrg37n


Great link. Thanks. Now I wonder how crystals might grow inside a vacuum chamber under mean free path flow (MFP) conditions? The contact surface will initially be 34°C nominal because I use regular ice water. I can go to dry ice slushy temps using my immersion cold finger probe which goes to -80° and below a bit. I can get it REALLY cold so the gas deposits directly as a solid and skips the liquid phase altogether under MFP flow confitions which means they are not bumping into one another on average and travel a straight path at random angles from the boiling puddle on up until first contact with a glass surface.

In this case the cold finger is the first glass surface and involves math that takes into account brownian motion ideas. Random dispersal and such. I suppose not enough time to form upon contact OR it might grow very fast indeed compared to regular crystal growth.

Now, how would THC which may also be contributing molecules to the gas alter this? Hmm. Ideas? :nerd_face:


So basically your normal rig but with CBD crude?


Exactly. :nerd_face: However to date I have not run my rig with the immersion chiller and only to dewax. So the difference in how it might deposit could be considerable when the surface is -87° C vs. 35°. I have seen very odd reactions at that temp in exprtiments with ice water at those temps. It can be liquid but tap the plastic container it is in and insta-ice lol. The immersion chiller is a flexible figer type and just needs to be held with normal clamp.


Maybe run some isolate powder in the boiling flask and see if it will re-X or if it will degrade


The larger the crystal size the more solvent is trapped inside. Large crystals are pretty to look at but not to consume unless they are grown in terpenes instead of a hydrocarbon.