CBD Crude Oil Solidifying in drums

The ethanol is chilled to -50°c and the warmest it gets through filtration is -25°c.

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That is one key to the problem, 25c isnt cold enough to prevent sugars.


I second thesk8nmidget!

Interesting, do you have recommendations on what temperature we should hit? Or where I can find information about this?

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You can search here and find a lot of answers but I’m pretty sure the general consensus is -60 is the warmest you wanna Allow your process to reach.

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-67C to stop pulling lipids and chlorophyll. Sugars, though, I’m not entirely sure about. I had no shortage of issues with sugars while extracting -40C to -55C. Stepping up my filtration game was what more or less solved it for me, not getting colder.

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Where’s you get -67 specially at?

@SirWest sugars can be completely unrelated to temp. If your solvent isn’t high enough proof that can be an issue. Over milking the material to powdery can also be an issue.

We can try going colder, but I don’t know that we can get any better filtration. Only hopes and dreams make it through .35 micron.

Hi Siosis, we use 200 proof ethanol, denatured with 5% heptane. This particular oil we have was extracted the same as our other biomass that we had in the building. The strange thing with the sugar conspiracy, is we have had perfectly fine oil come from biomass that was known to have very high sugars from the hemp itself as well as wheat and other plants growing amongst the crop during harvest. That farmers lot came out to be very nice oil, distillate, and isolate.

This one particular lot is the only one we have produced with this issue. At any rate, the R&D beaker for the LLE experiment should arrive today, so I can do some separation and see what results I get.

Did you try to dissolve in heptane or hexane? What was the result?

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Well… hopes , dreams, mold spores, sugars, etc all come through at .35um. I prefer going down to 0.2um, but that is not exactly what I am talking about. You are only filtering two dimensionally. Time to incorporate magic dirt and do three dimensional filtration PLUS the standard 2D filtration down to 0.2um.