CBD Crude for Sale - 300/KG

100kg of crude for sale for 300/kg in Colorado.

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where in Colorado are you located?

Denver area

Do you have a more recent COA?

What process do you use for extraction?

Has Crude been winterized and Decarbed?

More recent COA, we do not.

C02 extraction

Winterized and decarbed.

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Why’s your COA over 4 months old?

It’s the leftover crude that we were distilling ourselves. Initially never had any intention of selling it. But we recently decided to sell these last 100kg rather than run them. So the COA is back from when it was originally extracted - which was back in November.

can you provide photos of the crude? a smear test on white paper?

Do you filter your crude? if so what micron filter do you use?

no reply??

Sorry for the delay. We sold it all already

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Way to go!


Hi just an update: We sold out of this crude. Thanks for anyone who had interest

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