cbd crude, crude, and more crude

I have price flexibility on larger orders.

-Shipping Covered for larger orders
-Crude comes from same lot
-Greater than 60% guaranteed
-Winterized & Decarbed


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We can do that if you buy at least 50 liters.

What state and what’s your name and number? I’m Justin, 310-692-6510. Thanks

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Colorado. Giving you a call.

My name is Westin.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll hit you up when I have a vetted real buyer ready to go! I don’t want to waste anyone’s time my friend. I have people hit me Iso from time to time and I’ll reach out to you soon. Thanks :pray:t2:

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What else you offer

Thank you. I truly appreciate that.

Hey do you still have crude available? Have a large order I
'm looking to fulfill.

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Still looking for crude? We have crude traceable to the seed and processed on site in CO

Hello do you have high cbd crude that is pesticide free? If so whats the ratio and cost per liter?

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Yes, processed in our lab with coa’s. Cost is dependent on quantity purchased. If you want info please email scot@welltivalabs.com

Email me what volume and what price you are looking for. I can get you the COA.


Thank you for your response but I was able to get it the order filled.

What do you currently pay for crude?
Also what are characteristics you look for other than high CBD/THC in good crude?