Cbd crude being difficult

Not sure if this is where I can post this but here goes nothing… has anyone had any problems putting cbd crude under vacuum for distillation? I have done a full ethanol recovery as well as a decarb but for some reason every time I put my crude under vacuum it wants to foam over into my short path system I have gone all the way up to 130°c for an hour and still have the foaming problem upon distillation

Sounds like incomplete decarb.
Are you stirring at the time it’s foaming?

I try to never turn off my stirring. I’m doing another decarb to see if it helps but under a vacuum I still have the foaming problem does anyone know what types of contamination could be in the oil to prevent this?

Did you devolatilize?

Volatiles are pulled when you are distilling this is winterized cbd crude oil solvent recovery finished and decarbed at 130°c for an hour or more

I may not know what you mean didn’t know you could get rid of volatiles for crude oil

Decarbed @130° under vacuum?

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Obviously you didn’t decarb/devolatilize complete.
Did you see no more bubbles at 130 c? If so maybe take it to 140. Make sure all bubbles are gone at the end temp.


CBD takes a bit longer than THC to decarb. If you’re only decarbing for an hour that’s likely not long enough. Run it for at least 2 hours, ideally 3


Moved to appropriate location.

Tell us exactly how you decarb, because you’re clearly not done.

Do you have a controllable leak?

Or are you going straight to full vac after partial decarb at atmosphere?!?



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